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(Garrett's) Ramrod's
Champion "Tramp"
Register of Merit (ROM)

(Garrett’s) Ramrod’s
 Champion “Tramp” (Register of Merit)
Submitted by T. “Red”
edited by E.L. Mullins

            The dog that became known as Ramrod’s “Tramp” was whelped on the yard of James Garrett in September of 1987. He is refereed to as a straight cross between the “Jeep” and  “Red Boy” bloodlines. He was sired by the famed Crenshaw’s Champion “Jeep”, one of the highest producing Register of Merit males of this era. His dam was also a highly noted producing female known as Marlowe’s “Tabby Girl”. Even though she is not noted as an “ROM”, she is known to be a noted Producer on Record (POR), as she also produced Champion “Ernie”, Champion “Little Red Boy”, and the highly noted producer, the litter mate brother to Champion “Tramp”, White’s (Garrett’s) “Tab” Register of Merit.
            Ramrod had went down to the yard of James Garrett and took a liking to “Tramp” right away. Even at three months old “Tramp” had a wild, crazy attitude and a absolute love of life. He never lost this crazy spirit as he grew older. Ramrod stated that when he would take “Tramp” for a walk, he would always, without fail, end up having to drag him home. “Tramp” would always grab the leash in his mouth and start pulling, jerking, tugging and shaking it all the way home. No matter what Ramrod would do, “Tramp” would never turn it loose. If he did manage to get it away from him, “Tramp” would quickly get another hold and start the game again!
            Once he was old enough, “Tramp” began his schooling. His crazy attitude never diminished. He demonstrated early on that he was going to be a straight away head dog. He was rolled about five times and proved to have an average mouth at best. One of the rolls for  “Tramp” was against the eight time winner “Ernie”, who was also on Ramrods yard at the time.
            With all of this behind him, it was in the late of spring in 1989, that the decision was made to open him up to professional competition.
            His debut was to be against Smith’s “Hammer”, a tight bred “Eli” dog, with the weights set at Forty-Seven pounds. He was still know as and reported as Garret’s “Tramp” at the time. Miller was selected as the Referee. Upon release, both dogs begin to swap out chest holds. However, at the Fifteen Minute Mark, “Tramp” gets into the shoulder on “Hammer” and does some damage, taking the shoulder out. This fight belongs to “Tramp” all the way. The mouth on “Tramp” must have improved, because “Hammer” makes a turn at the Twenty-Four Minute Mark and at the Twenty-Five Minute Mark the fight is conceded and “Hammer” is picked up and “Tramp” is declared the winner of his first professional competition.
            As time passed, in the winter of 1989, a second contest was scheduled, this time against Nate and Company’s “Macho” dog. The weights were set at Forty-Five pounds this time out. The Macho” dog was sired by Tackett’s Champion “Sam” and whelped by Champion “Sis”. Champions “Sam” and “Sis” stem from the breeding of “Jeep”/”Miss Rage” and “Eli” dogs. Big John was the selected Referee.
            Ramrod only had about three weeks to prepare “Tramp” for this contest, as he had taken over the contest for Bailey. This time he was reported as Garrett & Ramrod’s “Tramp”. Upon release “Macho” went straight into the front shoulder on “Tramp”. However, “Tramp” counters by absolutely destroying the face on “Macho”. “Macho” simply can not keep up with “Tramp”. It was so bad, that the handler conceded this contest and picked up “Macho” at the Twenty-Six Minute Mark. Both dogs make good courtesy scratches and “Tramp” is now a two time winner.
            One prominent fancier present at the time offered Ramrod $600.00 for “Tramp” on the spot. Ramrod, of course, turned him down.
            After several months of well earned rest coming to him, his third and Championship contest was set in the first part of 1990, against Mike’s “Mo Power”, a two time winner coming from some “Boomerang”/ Pat Patrick breeding. It had been reported that “Mo Power” had such a devastating bite that he had killed both his previous opponents in less than Twenty Minutes. The weights were once again set at Forty-Five pounds. R. Johnson was selected as the Referee for this contest. The fight was again reported as Garrett’s and Ramrod Kennels’ “Tramp”. Upon release it is “Tramp” that now comes out hard and fast. He goes straight into the throat on “Mo Power”. Sometimes in these events tragedy happens, as in all sports. It would appear that due to a hard, perfect hit, that “Tramp” either clotted or busted the main artery on “Mo Power”, because he went down hill fast. Try as hard as they might to save him, “Mo Power” had passed away by the Thirty-Four Minute Mark and “Tramp” was declared a Champion. This was a contest that was talked about for a long, long time and is still remembered by the many fanciers around the Chicago area. However, his story did not end here.
            He took the complete year of 1991 off and just enjoyed life itself and making a few  babies along the way, with some outstanding ladies, that now found him most attractive.
            However, the report was ran in the January - February 1992 Issue of the Sporting Dog Journal concerning his fourth win. This time it was reported as Ramrod’s Champion “Tramp” coming out.
            Our Gang Kennels had the dog “Jason”, that had defeated Champion “Triple Ott Rock” in under Forty-Five Minutes. “Jason” was a Carver bred dog. This contest was set at Forty-Seven pounds  and Bolman was selected as the Referee.
            Upon release “Jason” and “Tramp” immediately begin to swap out holds. Both dogs are biting hard and both handlers are seeing bleeders within in first three minutes of the contest. “Tramp” begins to counter the hard, fast moves made by “Jason”, by fighting the head and working the nose. “Tramp” gets into the chest and throat and begins to pull ahead by the Twenty Minute Mark. “Jason” begins to fall farther and farther behind and starts to fade and his handler concedes the contest and picks “Jason” up at the Thirty-Seven Minute Mark leaving Champion “Tramp” to be declared the winner of his forth contest.
            One of the greatest attributes noted for “Tramp” was his amazing finishing abilities. However, as time passed, he also proved himself to be an outstanding producer. A lot more ladies found him even more appealing now and I mean a lot more.
            Remembering that his littermate brother was White’s (Garrett’s) “Tab”, a listed Register of Merit. One often wonders why “Tramp” was not listed as well.
            I realize that some fanciers memories are short. Maybe fanciers can not recall the Champion “Gomez” dog that “Tramp” produced when bred to Goode’s “Louise”. Champion “Gomez” was over 10 years old when he passed away in December of 2004. 
            Or how about Dee’s Champion “Spider” when “Tramp” was bred to Dupree’s “Jezabelle” female. She went on through time to become a highly noted producer herself and often refereed to as an ROM!
            Surely fanciers have not forgotten the great Champion “Rommell”, another outstanding producer in his own right.  He was whelped by the noted producing female Mickel’s (Otter’s) Sassy”.
            Champion “Rommell” was a highly noted, tremendously game dog. He was also totally blind!
Right there are three Champions that (Garrett’s) Ramrod’s Champion “Tramp” produced, off three different females. But, let’s not stop there.
            We can not  leave out the Champion “Jake” dog who won his first four in good competition. He was picked up in his last contest. However, things happen, he was a great dog that should not be over looked when talking about “Tramp”. “Jake” was whelped by a forth female, Markley’s “Precious”.
            (Garrett’s) Ramrod’s “Tramp”, when bred back to Ramrod’s “Rose”, produced the Champion “Rose” female, most over listed as either Luke’s or Viet Nam’s Champion “Rose”, but sometimes seen as Lonnie’s Champion Rose”. She has also been refereed to as Lunsford’s Champion “Rose”.
            Sometimes research of this type can be confusing. Believe me I know!
            Ramrod’s “Rose”, a two time winner, was either the same female as Bulcher’s “Mama”, or her littermate sister, sired by Gaines’ “Fargo” and whelped by Gaines’ “Bahama Mamma”. I could not get this fact confirmed.  However, when Ramrod bred this, “Rose”, Ramrod’s “Rose”, to Champion “Tramp”, Champion “Rose” was then produced.
            Well now, there you have five females and five Champions. Should (Garrett’s) Ramrod’s “Tramp” be listed as a Register of Merit just like his littermate brother Garrett’s (White’s) “Tab”? I think so.
            However, there is still yet another that should be mentioned. That would then make six Champions sired by (Garrett’s) Ramrod’s Champion “Tramp”. That dog is Lunsford’s Champion “Sinbad”.
            You see, Lunsford’s Champion “Sinbad”  was produced when (Garrett’s) Ramrod’s Champion “Tramp” was bred directly back to the female known in some cases as Bulcher’s “Mama”.
            Now, like I said, she may be the same female as Ramrod’s “Rose”, which would make Lunsford’s Champion “Sinbad” a littermate brother to Champion “Rose”. Or “Mama” could be a littermate sister to Ramrod’s “Rose”, in which case, would the make Champion “Sinbad” a half brother on the top side and a first cousin on the bottom side to Champion “Rose”. In either case, they would have an identical pedigree.
            Also, in either case, it worked extremely well. Lunsford's Champion “Sinbad” went on to become a four time winner.   

            Well there you have it. A little something to remember about the great dog recorded as (Garrett’s) Ramrod’s Champion “Tramp”, and definitely recognizable as a Register of Merit dog.
            Most fanciers who know me, know that I have never been a “big” “Red Boy” fan. This is not because they are not great dogs, surely they are. I can profess to that. However, I could never get the consistency out of them that others could, for whatever reason.
            I have never been a fan of the so called “Jeep” / “Red Boy” crosses, as they are so inaccurately refereed to by young fanciers. These two lines are not “crosses”, but rather breeding two tight bred Colby lines back together, with about a quarter of the Tudor dogs lined in. They are more of a blend or a splice, rather than a cross, if that is how you want to refer to them.
            Take a close look at the pedigree of (Garrett’s) Ramrod’s Champion “Tramp” and you can see exactly what I mean.
            First, let’s look at Finley’s Grand Champion “Bo” Register of Merit, the sire to Crenshaw’s “Jeep” and we will do a little comparing to the pedigree that produced Bass’ “Tramp Red Boy”.
            When looking a the pedigree of (Garrett’s) Ramrod’s Champion “Tramp”, the dog named Colby’s “Texas” (The son of Colby’s “Dime”) appears three (3) times behind Finley’s GrCh. “Bo” (ROM). The half sister to Colby’s “Texas”, the daughter of Colby’s “Dime”, named Colby’s “Jenny” appears once.
            Colby’s “Texas” first appears as the sire to Loposay’s “Colby Rusty”, when he was bred back to his own daughter Burkette’s “Dutch”.
            Burkette’s “Dutch” appears twice, the second time as the dam to Loposay’s “Tiger Lilly”. This makes Loposay’s “Tiger Lilly” and Loposay’s “Colby Rusty” half brother and sister. (The same thing as Colby’s “Texas” and Colby’s “Jenny” being half brother and sister.)
            Now, Loposay’s “Colby Rusty” produced Loposay’s “Dubs”, the sire to GrCh. “Bo” (ROM), and Loposay’s “Tiger Lilly” produced Loposay’s “Dot”, the dam to Finley’s GrCh. “Bo” (ROM).            Finley’s GrCh. “Bo” (ROM), of course, was the sire to Crenshaw’s “Jeep” (ROM).
            Now, just for a moment, let’s get off the Crenshaw’s Champion “Jeep” (ROM) tread mill and run awhile with Bass’ “Tramp Red Boy”.
            Remember the fact that Colby’s “Texas”, that we have already mentioned, was sired by Colby’s “Dime”, as we stated, and he was whelped by Colby’s “Margie”.
            Dropping down to Bass’ “Tramp Red Boy”, first let us take a look at the dog Teal’s “Sarge”, which as you should know, sired Teal’s “Jeff”, and when Teal’s “Jeff” was bred back to his own daughter, McCloud’s “Susie Q Gal”, they produced Bass’ “Tramp Red Boy”.
            What a young fancier may not realize or notice, is the fact that Howard Teal’s “Sarge” and Colby’s “Texas”, mentioned when discussing “Jeep”, were littermate brothers! Both were sired by Colby’s “Dime and whelped by Colby’s “Margie”. Teal’s “Sarge” appears five times in the bottom side of (Garrett’s) Ramrod’s Champion “Tramp”.
            Take just a little closer look at the pedigree on Crenshaw’s Champion “Jeep” (ROM) and you will also notice that Loposay’s “Dot” was the daughter of Loposay’s “Tiger Lilly”, and sired by Loposay’s “Bullet”. Keep this in your mind and go back to the bottom side of Ramrod’s Champion “Tramp” and look at Bass’ “Cleo”. You will notice the female Loposay’s “Eve”, and hopefully realize that she is the littermate sister to Loposay’s “Dot”, and Loposay’s “Dot” was the dam to Finley’s Grand Champion “Bo” Register of Merit!
            If you are still not convinced, look again at the pedigree behind Crenshaw’s Champion “Jeep” (ROM). Now, consider the sire to Loposay’s “Bullet” (the sire to Loposay’s “Dot”), that we have mentioned. His name was Teal’s “Jake”. Now, once again travel to the bottom side of (Garrett’s) Ramrod’s Champion “Tramp” and notice the dam to Teal’s “Jeff”. Her name was Teal’s “Lou”. Have you noticed yet that she was sired by Teal “Jake”, thus making her a half sister to Loposay’s “Bullet”. Teal’s “Lou” appears four times in the bottom side of Ramrod’s Champion “Tramp”.
            Can you still honestly consider the breeding of  the descendants of Crenshaw’s Champion “Jeep” (ROM) to the descendants of Bass’ “Tramp Red Boy” as a cross?!?
            Do you honestly believe that a dog like (Garrett’s) Ramrod’s Champion “Tramp” happens by accident!
            Over the years, I simply never felt that, even though blending or splicing of these two lines, (Those lines preserved by J.R. Loposay and those preserved by Howard Teal), directly back together has produced some of the most outstanding dogs of their time, that those off spring would or could produce as good as they were themselves. Even though it has worked that way for some fanciers and breeders, for several generations. I guess I am harder to convince or maybe just slower to learn.
            The blending of three quarter Colby to one quarter Tudor has worked for decade after decade. It will also work in reverse, three quarter Tudor to one quarter Colby. Even through in some Lightner or Corvino, if you can find it!
            You must forgive me. When I was learning about dogs, we refereed to them by the “Men” that bred the lines, not one particular dog or another. For Example, a Earl Tudor, John P. or Louis Colby dog. It was a Corvino dog or a Wallace dog.  Not a “Eli” bred dog or “Dime” bred dog or a “Red Boy” or a “Jeep” dog. Those were just individual dogs of many that came from a breeder. It was the knowledge, experience and dedication of these “Men”, and others, that created them.
            The, along comes a dog like (Garrett’s) Ramrod’s Champion “Tramp” Register of Merit, an outstanding producer in his own right, as we have show, whose off spring are also outstanding producers. All stemming from this “Jeep” and “Red Boy” cross!
            It is enough to makes you sit down and think and re-think everything you thought you knew! A dog like (Garrett’s) Ramrod’s Champion “Tramp” Register of Merit, is enough to make even the most avid and loyal, staunch supporter of any other popular, modern day, line of dogs sit down and maybe raise an eye brow and go “hummmmm?”.   


A Hard Copy of this article, which includes additional photographs and
the six (6) generation historical pedigree on
Ramrod Kennels' Champion "Tramp" for only $25.00
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